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Dark Yonder Issue #2
Various Authors

Welcome to Issue 2 of Dark Yonder, a quarterly journal that seeks out and publishes the best neo-noir short fiction being written today. Dark Yonder’s stories come from the imaginations of bestselling authors and undiscovered writers alike. But what all of our stories share is this: great writing, unique voices, glimpses into lives unlike our own, a willingness to choose reality over escapism, insights into the dark side of life, and sometimes even humor.

Once again featuring commentary by editors Eryk Pruitt and Katy Munger, Issue 2 features a great line-up of nine outstanding stories for you to enjoy:

  • Tayden’s 2! by Alice Archer
  • I’m coming to get you by Kevin A Brown
  • Wheelies by Recita L. Clemons
  • A Song for the Shattered Hearts by S.A. Cosby
  • Chicken Fly Christ by Joseph Hirsch
  • Beach House by Joe Labriola
  • Grief by Preston Lang
  • Big Bob’s Donuts at 3a.m. by Meagan Lucas
  • Bear Hunt by Warren Moore

You can buy a paperback or eBook version online now.

Catfishing in America
by Anne R. Allen

Thalia Press is pleased to present Catfishing in America, the 8th book in  the Camilla Randall Mysteries — a laugh-out-loud mash-up of mystery, rom-com, and satire.

At her beach-read bookstore in Morro Bay California, everybody tells Camilla their troubles. When the body of talkative widow Ginny Gilhooly shows up on Camilla’s doorstep, Camilla is sure the online scammer who has been “catfishing” Ginny has murdered her.

But when Ginny’s body disappears, and Camilla’s unhoused friend “Hobo Joe” is accused of the murder, Camilla, with the help of two precocious Nancy Drew wannabes and her cat Buckingham, must solve the mystery of the travelling corpse and prove Joe had nothing to do with Ginny’s demise.

Now available at Amazon and B&N in both eBook and paperback formats, and in paperback wherever books are sold.

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Here, There And Everywhere
By Lise McClendon

Join Pascal and Merle of Lise McClendon’s beloved Bennett Sisters mystery series for another adventure in France, roaming the vineyards of the Bordeaux wine region while struggling with events and feelings they do not yet understand.

Will the neighbors stop harassing them? Who sabotaged the harvester and ruined the growing season? Most of all, where have Tristan and Stasia disappeared to?

Here There and Everywhere is the 18th book in Lise McClendon’s deliciously cozy chronicles of sisterhood, international travel… and a soupçon of danger. This series featres a little bit of chick lit, a touch of cozy mystery, a whole lot of humor, plus romance and suspense! Pour a glass of your favorite wine, relax, and take a journey with the Bennett Sisters. Now available in paperback and eBook formats at Amazon, Apple, B&N, and wherever books are sold.

Too Old to Die
by Katy Munger

Octogenarian amateur sleuth Auntie Lil and her buttoned-down nephew TS Hubbert have finally had enough of life in the Big Apple. With a lifetime of memories and memorabilia in tow, they head south to a new life in the idyllic rolling hills of North Carolina’s Piedmont region. Unfortunately, Bonny Bridge Point proves to be anything but the restful retirement community they had hoped for.

When the mysterious death of a staffer uncovers a series of suspected murders, Auntie Lil and TS are on the case again, this time aided by a curious retired professor named Calvin Ewell, a disdainful cat named Eirene, and an aloof Great Pyrenees who sometimes answers to “Magnolia.” Just about everyone is a suspected killer, from the most addled resident stuck in their 60’s era student days, to officious management and mysterious investors, to seemingly helpful employees who may be a little too quick on the draw with medication. Meanwhile, when two hardcore northerners like Auntie Lil and TS enter the Deep South, a culture clash is sure to follow—with hilarious results for all. Hushpuppies or hoagies? Barbeque or Reubens? Beehives or bob-cuts? The war between the states is still being settled, only this time it’s a battle that, perhaps, everyone can win.

Buy in paperback or ebook format now. For more information on books by Katy Munger, visit or her Amazon author page.