Mother Bond
By Verlee Young

Few connections in life are more powerful than the mother bond. That’s why growing up without a mother can have a profound effect on daughters, regardless of their backgrounds or eventual success in life.

Author Verlee Bond Young knows this firsthand. After losing her mother as an 18-month old, then growing up in rural Mississippi without her, she eventually became a therapist specializing in treating motherless daughters and their partners. In Mother Bond, she has chosen to share the story of her childhood following the death of her mother and how it shaped her life over the decades to come. Facing her own personal history has helped her embrace even the darkest episodes of her life, leading to greater self-acceptance and allowing her to better recognize the joys that life can offer.

It is her hope that sharing her journey in Mother Bond will help others examine and appreciate their similar experiences — perhaps even discovering their own strengths hidden in the shadows.

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