Thalia Press is a co-op press that publishes crime and contemporary fiction written by established authors seeking to expand their existing series or reach new audiences by offering quality fiction at more affordable prices than you would find with larger publishers. We reissue previously out-of-print titles for traditionally-published authors, sponsor anthologies of work by multiple authors in the same genre, and publish original titles throughout the year for members of our author’s co-op. Our books range from the funny to the serious but are always entertaining. 

What Is An Author’s Co-Op?

The publishing industry often pits author against author, creating competition for marketing dollars, reviews, and awards. This distracts authors from focusing on  writing even better books, isolates us from our peers, and discourages any form of collective bargaining or power. Independent publishing is much the same due to the high volume of new books published each day and the high cost of getting our books in front of new readers.

In both cases, because so few authors get tapped for support and recognition, many authors begin to believe that the success of other writers comes at the expense of their own success. It also allows the publishing industry to keep advances low and ignore the majority of their list. At Thalia Press, we believe it does not have to be this way. In a world informed by social media, authors who band together to support one another and who leverage each other’s platforms on behalf of their peers can help each other attract new readers and gain more recognition. And that’s what Thalia Press is all about: the proven authors in our co-op help other proven writers in their genres raise their profiles without having to spend an outrageous amount on Amazon and Facebook ads or book expensive promotional and give-way services. We do this by using the most valuable asset we have: an existing reader base. It’s as simple as that. If you’re an author, read on for how you can join our author’s co-op.

Looking For A Good Read?

If you are a reader, please check our Titles section for a list of our current books as well as links to buy them on-line. Visit our Authors section for a list of Thalia authors and their titles, links to more information on our authors, and info on where you can buy their books. 

If you are a bookstore owner or buyer for a bookstore chain, all Thalia Press Books are available through Ingram Distributors under the book title and author’s name.

Look for the Thalia Press badge when buying books on independent platforms like Amazon Kindle. This badge means that the author is a member of our author co-op and has a proven track record of writing to the highest commercial level.

What We Believe

  • Quality of writing always matters.
  • All good fiction begins with strong plotting, appopriate pacing, and strong characterizations.
  • Humor is a great way to let readers tackle painful topics like life and death without being overwhelmed by emotion.
  • Not all books need to appeal to the masses.

Let’s Work Together

If you are a proven writer interested in becoming part of our author’s co-op, please contact us. We accept traditional, hybrid, or independently-published authors who have a strong backlist and healthy reader base. As a Thalia Press author, you are expected to support other Thalia authors by:

  • Displaying the Thalia Press icon on your social media platforms and author or book pages.
  • Using your social media platforms to publicize the work of other Thalia authors.
  • Optionally participating in anthologies designed to help readers discover new authors.
  • Working with other individual Thalia authors as desired to share email list or website content.

How We Got Our Name

Thalia Press is named for the goddess Thalia, one of the Greek muses who presided over comedy and poetry. She is often seen smiling at an untold joke, with a bugle and an actor’s mask in her hands. Thalia Press is named for the goddess Thalia, one of the Greek muses who presided over comedy and poetry. She is often seen smiling at an untold joke, with a bugle and an actor’s mask in her hands. In our books we try to portray the two sides of life, the good and bad, the evil and the pious, all while keeping an eye on one of the greatest joys of life: laughter. We bring you stories you can relate to, about ordinary people (and some not so ordinary), about the past and how it informs us, and about the way we live now. We hope you enjoy reading  our author’s books as much as they enjoy writing them.